Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone......
This is the delicacy that is a must in everyone's house here in the Philippines!!

Yummy...LECHON!! highly highly recommended!!

Gifts that I love...part 1

I'm not going to post everything...but here are some gifts I got that I truly love...

*oversized black clutch chic and classic!

*Pencil and pen holder, i have been meaning to get one for my office desk...

*large the color and how useful it is for my long and unruly hair.

* Mirror that can stand alone or be press to any glass..I am sometimes vain!

*Perfume from Victoria Secret.

Thanks to all of you!!

Happy new year!

Damier Speedy 30

Should i get this already?

or is the batignolles horizontal better?


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cheer me nails!!

Went out with my friend today....I soooo want to shop...ended up buying some fun stuff..and just look at my nails!!! GOSH!! so hard to move, but everyone is overwhelmed and loves by how it looks! This is the first time I had nails soooooo long....

Nails clips from Shanghai China..done by Dashing Diva @ Rockwell.
Clothes: all from Bayo; slippers: havaianas

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Louis Vuitton...

I told myself, my next branded-bag should be from Louis Vuitton....but I still don't know what type of bag I want to get....I've been browsing the site and other blogs to see what is worth buying...and it makes it more difficult because I want more!! Not just one bag...I want 2 or 3.. haha...but here are some of my top options...

*galliera PM...I love it!! So sophiscated...VERY roomy!! Nice handles... Love the monogram design...

*yummy trevi...I love...I like...

* or this super cute Tivoli GM...half-sister of the Speedy but with a twist in the design...

Obviously, I am looking for:
Roomy bags
Dark Colored (unless, otherwise!)
With zip-closure (except for the galliera :P)
from LV

It is Christmas and I should be able to afford one?!!?? nah...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

SBC Banking Centers Christmas Party..

Borrowed the guards hat!! haha....
I am the guard for the night!!

My team YEY for us!! I was able to run even in my high high shoes!! harhar...

top: f&h, jeans: old jeans; accessories: night market in H.K.; shoes: janylin; hat: from the office guard

Carriedo shop...

My parents recently opened a Japanese surplus store in one of the most CROWDED place in Manila...I went there today to catch and **buy** some items that might be beneficial to me??

Sorry to say but the place is really scary...but business is I am loving it!! I have never seen any cuter plushie toys ever!!

top: night market, jeans: lee denim; shoes: haviannas (not visible); belt: bayo; bag: the sak; headband: from my sister...

I love this two plushies!! I got them for ME!!!
I first got the red one...then I started looking and looking...then I saw the blue one!! cutie...

Now what should I name them???

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another Christmas party...

and this is not the last and end of it!! :P

This is the first time I wore my YSL shoes...I love it!!

dress: local brand- maldita; shoes: YSL gladiator shoes; belt: topshop; jewelries: topshop, from mom, vintage stores; bag: mango.

And before leaving the event...we just have to have a group picture! WE LOVE IT!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Absolute. Kurant.

We had our unit's Christmas party last was karaoke night with my boss, co-workers, and some of my friends are even invited! I swear, the food was a lot for 10 people!! The service at Center Stage (karaoke) @ Tomas Morato is a hit with me! it is really something nice! I love it. The food taste yummy especially the FROZEN fruit salad. It was a hit! We got free wine, free cake, discount from food...

Good company and good food...what more can you ask for?

This is me fooling around at the office before we left...I love the bottle..I even took it home!

Absolute Kurant. You are tasty!

top from Bayo, cardigan& leggings from Topshop, shoes from janylin, necklace from somewhere online.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Camera-whoring at the bathroom

Had dinner at 7 Corners in Crowne Plaza was such a fulfilling meal...I don't think I was able to breath after!

Love the lobsters, salmon, shrimp...I'm a seafood baby :) and of course, the sweets & chocolates are to DIE FOR!!

And while we were in the friend and I (welll mostly I) was helping me take pictures of ME! haha...

shy effect

for the cute-ness sake

yey me - VERY FULL

December Celebrations!!

You know that December is the month of festivities...I love it when people, friends meet together to have a drink or two...dine in the most expensive places, sing their hearts out, or just plain FUN FUN FUN!!

I had a hard time picking up my outfit because a.) my first birthday celebration is in a hotel. b.) my second one is just in a house of a friend....

FYI. I got caught for beating the red light (stupid me) and my car got bump at the back! darn!

Anyhoo..I was wearing this outfit:

Top: zara; high-waisted shorts: bayo; belt& shoes&accessories: H&M

The look of a drunk model-wanna be.. *woot*

Friday, December 05, 2008

Madonna for LV...


WE ALL LOVE IT!!! (and definitely, HER too!!)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

I love Jimmy Choo's but...

Not on this case...

well, I love the bag...but I don't like the idea of ponyskin on my bag...

But the design is cute, no?

LV new design

Whatcha think of LV's new design??
I think I'm liking the leggings! Graffiti is back!

I'm still pondering on my FOREVER21 orders....Some of the items I was supposed to buy is now UNAVAILABLE. Too much pondering can really make you miss the good things in life!!

I should live and buy ...freely!!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Bobbi Brown I GOT YOU!!

Yahoo..I got mine already!! Weeeehhhhh...I thought it was small...but was a little big!! and kinda heavy...but who cares! I love my copy!! MWAH!!

I can't wait to read everything...from cover to cover...

Well...i'm off to selling my clothes...we are having this 1-month long bazaar! I hope everything sells!! more moolah for new stuff!! :P

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Shanghai Looks Part 2

I know...a very late post...
but this is the season that I'm loving the idea of posting...

from my shanghai trip...I already posted some pictures last check it out there...

I miss shanghai already!

All I want for Christmas...

And since everyone is doing it...
I'm doing it too!!

1. box set Twilight series (I read everything, but I need to have the box set!!)
2. bobbi brown-make-up manual
3. LongChamp Le planetes beige
4. Ipod Touch 16gb
5. Malandi Crocs Silver
6. COACH Lynn Flats Black Womens

Monday, December 01, 2008

Top 10 Rising Stars!!

Here are the list from the top10 rising stars/break-out of Hollywood today!

10. Jay Baruchel
9. Tina Fey
8. Jason Segel - seen him in Forgetting Sarah Marshall & he is of course, Lily's man in How I Met Your Mother...funny guy! I like him too...

7. Amanda Seyfred - Mamma Mia! She really is a doll...

6. Chase Crawford - have you heard about the latest hot guy? I bet you did..xoxo..

5. Kat Dennings
4. Ben Barnes - Yummy guy..with the yummiest accent...I love him as Prince Caspian...give me more, give me more!!

3. Miley Cyrus - Everyone loves her!! The young pop star of this generation..

2. Zac Efron - High School Musical star...wondering what projects he will do next?

And the winners...whom I adore so much.. (I AM AN OFFICIAL FAN OF ROB PATTINSON)

Your lips are important...lip care essential!

I bought this Nivea Lip Care (night essential) for my lips yesterday...I think I am starting to be a wise shopper..mind you I went to 2 bazaars yesterday and I don't know if it is just me, but I didn't end up buying but I did buy some ESSENTIAL stuff.

1. Nivea Lip Care (night essential)

* got this from PCX at Rockwell, for Php161.00 (around USD3.22)

I love this product! I tested it out last night if there is any stickiness feeling (which I totally hate! I got a Maybelline lip gloss before..and it was STICKY! I threw it immediately!) But this products guarantee no stickiness and it does not have any scent!! Good one! Because who would want to sleep with a disturbing scent right? I woke up touching my soft lips!! In just a day, the product did deliver! I'm recommending this to all of those people who have the bad habit of peeling their lips (yeah, I know some people who do this...) which is so-so bad!! You have to try this so that your lips can be repaired and cared for even when you are sleeping!

Here are some tips in keeping your lips soft and kissable:

1. Wear lip-balm always! Wear it under your lipstick...
2. Apply Nivea Lip care (night essentials) before sleeping to make sure lips stays hydrated and soft.
3. Brush your lips once in a while! Not only brush your teeth and tongue...but include your lips as exfoliates dead skins.
4. Drink lots of water..this will prevent dehydration, make sure your lips will not be dry and choppy.

I hope this helps!!
Remember...Take good care of your is definitely one of the most important in your body..


I'm back..

And I think..I'm going to be active here again...I'm still depressed and lonely..but hey...moving on...trying to move on...

I'm gonna post tomorrow my loots today...yey!!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

How to be content.

I don't know...but lately...blogging isn't my thing feels like a job rather than a hobby...or I am just not fully happy with blogger? Nah. I think it is just me. I posted in my multiply that I will have changes in my life...and maybe changing where I am blogging is one too...So off to a new blog spot...Off to I will be able to enjoy my stay there...

see yah soon...

Ps. my wordpress site will be posted here soon..I'm still contemplating as to what address it will be.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Shanghai is AMAZING. part 1

I'm back!! yes...after my extended Shanghai vacation...I am back! It was so fun to see alot of different places, learn cultures, get to know new people from all over the world!! I love it...and so did my wardrobe!! I love dressing up for the cold months, maybe because we don't have it here in the Philippines...

Day 1 is our tour day...filled with lots of learnings..I really enjoyed all the things I learned...our tour guide is gay and very cute!

It was halloween at Shanghai...Xin Tian Di (nice place for hang out at night!)
outfit: dress by Bayo; leggings by Landmark; scarf HK market; boots from Greenhills.

Day 2 is our shopping day....walked the whole 5km HuaiHai Road..very nice!! Love all the stores...and love it when you ran out of money! Boo!

outfit: top from Landmark; skirt Toshop; leggings SM; boots Janylin

I'm too happy at this know why?

More pictures and stories soon....

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Project Runway winner!!

Did you guys agree with the winner of Project Runway season 5?
Hum...I love all of LeAnne's pieces...

I especially adore this top & skirt... I WANT ONE!!

and also both of the clothes on this picture...

will she ever make one for me?