Monday, December 01, 2008

Your lips are important...lip care essential!

I bought this Nivea Lip Care (night essential) for my lips yesterday...I think I am starting to be a wise shopper..mind you I went to 2 bazaars yesterday and I don't know if it is just me, but I didn't end up buying but I did buy some ESSENTIAL stuff.

1. Nivea Lip Care (night essential)

* got this from PCX at Rockwell, for Php161.00 (around USD3.22)

I love this product! I tested it out last night if there is any stickiness feeling (which I totally hate! I got a Maybelline lip gloss before..and it was STICKY! I threw it immediately!) But this products guarantee no stickiness and it does not have any scent!! Good one! Because who would want to sleep with a disturbing scent right? I woke up touching my soft lips!! In just a day, the product did deliver! I'm recommending this to all of those people who have the bad habit of peeling their lips (yeah, I know some people who do this...) which is so-so bad!! You have to try this so that your lips can be repaired and cared for even when you are sleeping!

Here are some tips in keeping your lips soft and kissable:

1. Wear lip-balm always! Wear it under your lipstick...
2. Apply Nivea Lip care (night essentials) before sleeping to make sure lips stays hydrated and soft.
3. Brush your lips once in a while! Not only brush your teeth and tongue...but include your lips as exfoliates dead skins.
4. Drink lots of water..this will prevent dehydration, make sure your lips will not be dry and choppy.

I hope this helps!!
Remember...Take good care of your is definitely one of the most important in your body..


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