Thursday, May 29, 2008

Please HELP!

I'm planning on buying this wonderful wedge gladiators from Ninewest, but I just can't decide what color to get:

Is the black one better than the brown one?
please help!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Aiming for a new bag.

What will it be my dear wallet?

One day I was thinking of buying LV, then saw that alot of people have what I desire, moving on..I switch to Gucci, but then thought again because I saw these bags and fell in love...



Sunday, May 25, 2008

Shopping time...

Went to shop this afternoon...
ended up buying 3 new belts!! I am soooo addicted to them right now!! After all Ms. Patricia Field (fashion designer for SATC) said that belts are the next big thing!!


*Accessories: headband from Landmark; online seller for the bracelets; Kenneth Cole watch; bag from DKNY. Top from Bayo, leggings from Topshop. Shoes from VNC.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Topshop + Topman ON SALE

Topshop and Topman Philippines is on sale until the end of May!!!

Bought this awhile ago with my brother...


*Batman/The Dark Knight is definitely near...Topman has made t-shirts with Batman-themed it! However, this is not on sale.


*This belt is on sale! I love this one!

Landmark Heaven...

If there are department stores that are worth checking out here in the Philippines, Landmark is definitely one of them. I bought alot of stuff already from this huge store located inside known malls.

This is not the "Rustans= expensive " type of department store, but rather one of the utterly cheapest. Finds are really in good shape (but of course, beware that some product might be not in perfect condition), sales people (are sometimes friendly, but what do you expect in a department store?), ambiance and place? (definitely something to watch out for...)

There are two famous locations of the said department store (as far as I know) ... one in Makati and one in Quezon City..I prefer the ambiance at the Q.C. side since it is bigger, newer, cleaner, the design is more updated...I feel like I was eating at the food court in Siam Paragon Thailand (okay, that was a little exaggeration, but it is definitely better than eating at other foodcourts here in our country)

Here are my loots for today!!!
L-R: skirt/tube dress (it reminds me of a print from Topshop), shorts with buttons on the sides and garterized on the back, bronze colored gladiator shoes (great finds!!), white sparkly headband


**note of the items rages from a little as P40 to as much as P450 ($11) only!!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Bobbi Brown Brush Set

Is Bobbi Brown brush set worth it? Is it really soft?
I have been meaning and planning on buying a brush set that is really of good quality..I'm not aiming for the professional complete pieces...just the basic necessity for a day to day make-up. As of now the only branded brush I have is one from M.A.C. which can be use for my eyeshadow or concealer...other than that I got The Body Shop retractable blush brush.

So is this set worth the money I'll be paying? The brush set details:

Powder Brush
Face Blender
Eye Shadow
Eye Liner
Ultra Fine Eyeliner
Eye Brow

Sunday, May 04, 2008


The hype of this item is really something!! Right?! Followers of Gossip Girl (like me) will definitely be grabbing all the colors that we can! I mean look at how gorgeous they are! I really really love them. Too bad I can't wear them here on a daily basis because a.) I do commute. b.) it is soooo hot in here. c.) the color leggings? are not a 100% accepted here, people will definitely look at you if you are wearing one of this lovely babies...

But don't fret...I will not care! I will post here my outfits while wearing the colorful leggings...just you wait!!

Gimik Night - Birthday celebration

Gimik = party

A treat from me and my friend to our friends...
Fun night...this girl had no drinks but all the fun...


Top: from a night market; bottom: black leggings from Topshop; Accessories: earrings from Hong Kong, headpiece from a night market; Shoes: VNC (

It's My Birthday Outfit

This is what I wore that day... (May 1, 2008)


Dress: Zara (I just recently bought this...and since it is red what day to wear it? But at my birthday of course!); Shoes: Sugus; Accessories: watch from Tommy Hilfiger, bracelet from my dad

Last day of April - April 30, 2008

Another work day...the day before my birthday...I'm getting old!!

I decided to go on a black/white mood today...don't know why...but I think my updo look is so Blair W., I love headbands! I'll be buying more soon..and I promise I'll post it here! Yey!!


*Ugh...I know I look fat...please ignore that!

Top: jacket from Bayo; inside white sando shirt from somewhere; Bottom: slack pants from Bangkok; Shoes: Charles & Keith; Accessories: headpiece from Broadway Gems @ Rockwell, watch from CK.

Friday, May 02, 2008

The next gown I'll be wearing...

And will ask my tailor to make, might be the following:


*Both gowns from Oscar Dela Renta wedding collections.

I can't really choose so I need to have both. But of course, I'm still waiting for the right occassion..maybe the next wedding from some of my friends....

Lucky Magazine

Definitely a must read magazine for those who love fashion!!


The price is quite's P475 each...but you will be able to get the back issue's from Book Sale for as little as P90!! Imagine the savings you can get, plus the back issues are not that friend was able to buy a December 2007 issue last April 2008. Just four months!?!

Nine West Gladiator Shoes

Since I am passionate about shoes, shoes, and anything about shoes...let me give my first post a SHOE TOPIC.

Brand name: Ninewest

What is in right now?? It is all about the "gladiator shoes"... I love them and will be purchasing soon as I get hold of the perfect design that I desire. In the meantime, I found this on the web hoping that when I drop by the store here at my beloved *hotta-hotta* (i mean that, literally) country..I will find the following:



If these two can't be find...I'll have this instead from an online seller.

Colors available: white, black, brown, yellow, orange
Inquiries: please contact me if interested