Monday, June 30, 2008

Legazpi Day 2

Day 2 of my Legazpi adventure...I wasn't able to take a picture of my day 3 outfit (darn it!)!

I can't decide which one is a better shot...haha..I'm soooo O-C.

flip-flops Haviannas; top from Bangkok trip;leggings Topshop; bag from Celine; sando shirt from Topshop

Legazpi Day 1

An outfit that made me feel I AM A FOREIGNER.

top from Topshop; jeans from a tiangge; scarf from somewhere; shoes debenhams

Zara is finally on sale! + Terranova

Terranova, here in the philippines is ALWAYS ON SALE. That is why I never have any plans or any interest in the store because the designs in mannequins and how they showcase their products are just simple ... BORING...but behold...I went inside because I was waiting for a friend, I was bored to death.. I tried on a couple of was too big for me...some didn't measure to my size (i have huge hips!) But I was lucky enough to spot this on sale-sale!!

Washed out jumper shorts, love this bargain (less than $15!)

Zara is also on sale..but I know they will still have the FINAL MARKDOWN as for now, I only bought an item I think will definitely not go down anymore (meaning the price), and the stocks are only limited...

very comfy black v-neck button down polo shirt. love it. it is comfy...sorry for the blurry shot!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

When depressed...SHOP for SHOES!

VNC SHOES on sale...

CHARLES AND KEITH SHOES, not on sale (if this is comfy, i might buy the brown and the black one as well)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sex and the City outfit.

Top from Topshop, skirt from Landmark, shoes from So Fab! Bracelet from Vietnam

Post b.u. outfit.

eh... i was in no mood and my bright dresses just won't make me feel "light"

top from Bangkok's night market, leggings from Topshop, shoes from a vintage store, belt from Memo, bracelet from Vietnam and an online shop, watch from Swatch