Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thrifting at my own closet...

Oh my...I need to clean my closet...

Out with the old and one-year-not-yet-worn clothes...
I need an excuse to buy NEW CLOTHES...

WORK moooooood

I was in the mood to dress up for my last wednesday...I dress up..

dress: from a vintage store; tights: SM; shoes: H&M

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Travel Advisor

I recently updated my profile at and finally devoted some time in placing some reviews on the hotels I have been too... hopefully it will get posted soon enough!

Here is my url for tripadvisor:

I'm off and planning on my next trip...


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Topshop shop shop...

Browsing through topshop...makes me wanna go to topshop... unfortunately, my swollen face won't allow me!!

It is a good thing that they have started bringing in topshop shoes here in Manila. Unfortunately, only a few designs can ever make it here... So if anyone sees the following shoes..tell me! I wanna have one!

Also the following bags...

Hayden-Harnett for Target

This is one collection that I would love to be shipped to my doorsteps...

Floral tote bag $49.99

Chain black bag $49.99

Forever 21 craze version 1

I am obsessed with Forever21 ever since my first shipment arrived. Mind you, here in the Philippines, we have, i think, a fake forever21 because some goods are really tacky!! And the place looks like a whirlwind has pass through for now, I am satisfied by just ordering online and waiting for friends to bring it over here...

Here are the new loots that I WANT WANT WANT...

Shoes is at $32.99

Deena pump $22.80

Beaded Fringe Racerback Top $19.80

Tiered Strapless Satin Dress $22.80

Friday, January 02, 2009

Welcome 2009!

My first post for the new year...

I finally leave 2008, not that complete due to events that happened to my life, my relationship in particular...Gawd! I miss having seems so hard to have no one in your life...I am not familiar with that feeling anymore...after more than two years? gawd.

I have so many resolutions this year....which, I hope, I can achieved.

1. Double my savings.
2. Get a higher salary.
3. Travel with my sister.
4. LV bag.
5. Read the scripture/daily bread everyday...allow a moment to devotion.
6. New cellphone.
7. Be productive.
8. Have a new someone (i hope!)
9. Learn to make patterns and sew on my own.

Honestly, my wishes are all so simple...I think it can all be achieved.