Sunday, January 04, 2009

Forever 21 craze version 1

I am obsessed with Forever21 ever since my first shipment arrived. Mind you, here in the Philippines, we have, i think, a fake forever21 because some goods are really tacky!! And the place looks like a whirlwind has pass through for now, I am satisfied by just ordering online and waiting for friends to bring it over here...

Here are the new loots that I WANT WANT WANT...

Shoes is at $32.99

Deena pump $22.80

Beaded Fringe Racerback Top $19.80

Tiered Strapless Satin Dress $22.80

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oooh my gosh I LOVE those Deena pumps you picked out! I totally forgot f21 had such an awesome shoe collection! I normally don't see any shoes when I visit the stores in Singapore... What do you mean though when you say you have 'fake' f21 stores?

Thanks for your comment btw! =) Yup, I'm from Singapore and sadly we don't have H&M here either! >< The H&M items I have in my wardrobe are from a trip to HK last year when I visited H&M and nearly died from joy there haha. I really wish they did overseas shipping to Asian countries eh ;) Hope to hear from you again soon!