Sunday, November 02, 2008

How to be content.

I don't know...but lately...blogging isn't my thing feels like a job rather than a hobby...or I am just not fully happy with blogger? Nah. I think it is just me. I posted in my multiply that I will have changes in my life...and maybe changing where I am blogging is one too...So off to a new blog spot...Off to I will be able to enjoy my stay there...

see yah soon...

Ps. my wordpress site will be posted here soon..I'm still contemplating as to what address it will be.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Shanghai is AMAZING. part 1

I'm back!! yes...after my extended Shanghai vacation...I am back! It was so fun to see alot of different places, learn cultures, get to know new people from all over the world!! I love it...and so did my wardrobe!! I love dressing up for the cold months, maybe because we don't have it here in the Philippines...

Day 1 is our tour day...filled with lots of learnings..I really enjoyed all the things I learned...our tour guide is gay and very cute!

It was halloween at Shanghai...Xin Tian Di (nice place for hang out at night!)
outfit: dress by Bayo; leggings by Landmark; scarf HK market; boots from Greenhills.

Day 2 is our shopping day....walked the whole 5km HuaiHai Road..very nice!! Love all the stores...and love it when you ran out of money! Boo!

outfit: top from Landmark; skirt Toshop; leggings SM; boots Janylin

I'm too happy at this know why?

More pictures and stories soon....