Saturday, November 01, 2008

Shanghai is AMAZING. part 1

I'm back!! yes...after my extended Shanghai vacation...I am back! It was so fun to see alot of different places, learn cultures, get to know new people from all over the world!! I love it...and so did my wardrobe!! I love dressing up for the cold months, maybe because we don't have it here in the Philippines...

Day 1 is our tour day...filled with lots of learnings..I really enjoyed all the things I learned...our tour guide is gay and very cute!

It was halloween at Shanghai...Xin Tian Di (nice place for hang out at night!)
outfit: dress by Bayo; leggings by Landmark; scarf HK market; boots from Greenhills.

Day 2 is our shopping day....walked the whole 5km HuaiHai Road..very nice!! Love all the stores...and love it when you ran out of money! Boo!

outfit: top from Landmark; skirt Toshop; leggings SM; boots Janylin

I'm too happy at this know why?

More pictures and stories soon....


PAM said...

i miss huai hai lu! :) do u know that u can walk to xin tian di from huai hai lu? argh

iamfashaholic said...

yup yup!! the first block after the timesquare mall i think you turn left...they have a sign! haha :P