Friday, January 02, 2009

Welcome 2009!

My first post for the new year...

I finally leave 2008, not that complete due to events that happened to my life, my relationship in particular...Gawd! I miss having seems so hard to have no one in your life...I am not familiar with that feeling anymore...after more than two years? gawd.

I have so many resolutions this year....which, I hope, I can achieved.

1. Double my savings.
2. Get a higher salary.
3. Travel with my sister.
4. LV bag.
5. Read the scripture/daily bread everyday...allow a moment to devotion.
6. New cellphone.
7. Be productive.
8. Have a new someone (i hope!)
9. Learn to make patterns and sew on my own.

Honestly, my wishes are all so simple...I think it can all be achieved.

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