Monday, June 30, 2008

Zara is finally on sale! + Terranova

Terranova, here in the philippines is ALWAYS ON SALE. That is why I never have any plans or any interest in the store because the designs in mannequins and how they showcase their products are just simple ... BORING...but behold...I went inside because I was waiting for a friend, I was bored to death.. I tried on a couple of was too big for me...some didn't measure to my size (i have huge hips!) But I was lucky enough to spot this on sale-sale!!

Washed out jumper shorts, love this bargain (less than $15!)

Zara is also on sale..but I know they will still have the FINAL MARKDOWN as for now, I only bought an item I think will definitely not go down anymore (meaning the price), and the stocks are only limited...

very comfy black v-neck button down polo shirt. love it. it is comfy...sorry for the blurry shot!

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Lloyda said...

i always check out terranova whenever i can. they do have some cheap gems to be found in there. :)