Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Bobbi Brown Brush Set

Is Bobbi Brown brush set worth it? Is it really soft?
I have been meaning and planning on buying a brush set that is really of good quality..I'm not aiming for the professional complete pieces...just the basic necessity for a day to day make-up. As of now the only branded brush I have is one from M.A.C. which can be use for my eyeshadow or concealer...other than that I got The Body Shop retractable blush brush.

So is this set worth the money I'll be paying? The brush set details:

Powder Brush
Face Blender
Eye Shadow
Eye Liner
Ultra Fine Eyeliner
Eye Brow


Kira Fashion said...

so amazing!
Top Shop is really awsome!

a kiss

Glamouricious said...

bobbi brown is definitely worth it.