Saturday, May 10, 2008

Landmark Heaven...

If there are department stores that are worth checking out here in the Philippines, Landmark is definitely one of them. I bought alot of stuff already from this huge store located inside known malls.

This is not the "Rustans= expensive " type of department store, but rather one of the utterly cheapest. Finds are really in good shape (but of course, beware that some product might be not in perfect condition), sales people (are sometimes friendly, but what do you expect in a department store?), ambiance and place? (definitely something to watch out for...)

There are two famous locations of the said department store (as far as I know) ... one in Makati and one in Quezon City..I prefer the ambiance at the Q.C. side since it is bigger, newer, cleaner, the design is more updated...I feel like I was eating at the food court in Siam Paragon Thailand (okay, that was a little exaggeration, but it is definitely better than eating at other foodcourts here in our country)

Here are my loots for today!!!
L-R: skirt/tube dress (it reminds me of a print from Topshop), shorts with buttons on the sides and garterized on the back, bronze colored gladiator shoes (great finds!!), white sparkly headband


**note of the items rages from a little as P40 to as much as P450 ($11) only!!

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