Thursday, May 29, 2008

Please HELP!

I'm planning on buying this wonderful wedge gladiators from Ninewest, but I just can't decide what color to get:

Is the black one better than the brown one?
please help!!


FrkTetlie said...

Hi! What a nice blog you have! I'm definitely coming back! :) I would buy the brown gladiators! I'm a sucker for brown tho...:)The were beautiful in both colors so I understand that it is a hard choice!

That Girl said...

Brown :)


Anonymous said...

Black... goes with anything :)

Glamouricious said...

hey! did you buy them already? i bought them in black, because it will go better with my leggings and i kept seeing ALL the other bloggers who where looking very good in them and the black seemed to match all their clothes.