Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm so pissed right now..

Oh yeah...good to know you are back in the blogging world after two months and started posting with the "im so pissed right now" subject!

I know this is not a fashion post..but anyways...

Oh boy...I'm so pissed right now (okay three times a charm!) I'm supposed to proxy for my friend in the christening of our officemate's ex volunteered to drive me there since the place is so far...Christening starts at 11am. and it is already 10:47am and I am still in front of the freakin' computer...what is HIS EXCUSE AGAIN??????? my mom told me to pick up or buy something. (I was calling him the whole day wondering where he is...but NO, NO, NO...not a single text back..or was not even answering my phone call..and when he did?? - HELL FREEZES) Damn it! and he even said he thought it is 11am. Duh! I told him to take a picture of me holding the baby because I'll be the that means if the mass starts at 11am, I should be there at 11am pronto because I am participating the event. Ugh...I just so hate it!! HE REALLY DOES NOT HAVE TIME MANAGEMENT. and he keeps on insisting I told him it is 11!

And I'm still sitting here (10:51) don't know if he will still pick me up because I fought with him over the phone. I'm a VERY OC person...I want everything to planned and organized. And if something hinders that...they better have some EXCUSE (and not lame) because I will really be pissed. The nerve...


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